About Us
What is Mobi Passport

Just like your passport gets you access to countries around the world, Mobi Passport allows you to connect to mobile phone networks at local rates all around the world.

Mobi Passport provides travelers with a local pre-paid SIM card for each destination to take advantage significantly lower voice and data rates available through the local mobile broadband providers compared to global roaming.

By using a local SIM in your iPhone, smartphone or iPad while overseas you can access all your favourite applications such as Facebook, Google Maps, Skype and Email, whenever and wherever you are without coming home to a phone bill in the thousands of dollars.

Order a Mobi Passport by adding SIM cards for each destination you plan to travel to. Each SIM card has a low purchase price and wherever possible is ready for use in the destination country.  You will also get your local number before you depart.  

You can have credit pre-loaded onto the SIM or do it yourself through the providers authorised retail outlets. Details on the options for buying credit will be included with your Mobi Passport.

What is included in your Mobi Passport:

  • The SIM Card in either Stardard SIM size or Micro SIM Size
  • An English user guide developed by Mobi Passport that contains: 
    • Important tips and useful informaiton to help you get the best value from your SIM and avoid unnecessary charges
    • Instructions to check your balance, recharge while overseas and the validity period for purchased credit
    • Data and Email plan options, how much they cost, how to add them and the APN settings in case you need them.
    • Instructions on how to make calls and access voicemail services.
    • Contact details for support services provided by the carrier and Mobi Passport
  • Any useful instruction guides, top-up cards and reference cards provided by the carrier
  • Mobi Passport Contact Details
  • A paperclip to assist in getting access to your SIM (especially useful for iPhones and iPads)
  • A Mobi Passport Wallet to keep everything safe  

How Does It Work

Step 1: Purchase SIM Cards for each Destination Online

Select from the range of available SIM cards and add them to your passport.  Most SIMs also include the option to pre-purchase credit.  Once you have added a SIM card for each destination checkout through Paypal or by using your debit/credit card.

Step 2: Your Mobi Passport is Sent via Post

Your Mobi Passport will be sent to your nominated postal address before your scheduled departure date.  Pre-purchased credit will be added to your SIM cards in accordance with the dates nominated during the order process.

Step 3: Insert the SIM card into your mobile phone.

When you arrive at your destination insert the SIM card for that country into your phone and carefully follow the instructions included with your Mobi Passport.  While away you can add additional credit using the Mobi Passport website, through the phone menu system or at local outlets.  Instructions are included to help you access basic information such as your remaining credit and adding required Internet bolt-ons.