Affiliate Program
Earn cash by telling people about us�

How It Works 

After you sign up you will be given a custom web link which you can place anywhere on your site, blog or even share via social media such as twitter and facebook (e.g. We also have several banners which you can access through your affiliate account. 
Whenever a user clicks on your custom web link a web (browser) cookie is generated that allows us to associate that user with your Affiliate Account, and track any purchases that user makes. If a user purchases a Mobi Passport within 90 days of clicking on your custom link, you will be paid a 5% commission. This occurs even if the user comes back and makes the purchase at a later date. 

How You Earn Money 

We offer a 10% commission on all sales, and we have a typical order value of $60. The reason our typical sale value is often higher that the quoted cost for each SIM is for the following reasons:  
  • Many SIMs offer the option to pre-purchase credit so their SIM is ready to use as soon as they get there (Adds between $15-$40).
  • Many people opt for express post or tracking which adds $5. 
  • Approximately 50% of our orders are for two or more SIMs, as people purchase a SIM for each country they are visiting or get one for a travel companion (so they can stay in touch while overseas).  

How You Receive Your Payment 

You can track how many sales you have through the your Affiliate Account Dashboard which is available under the My Account section of our website (See Screenshot below). 

Every month we will review the commission level for each account and if your commission has exceeded $20 we will transfer you your money. To receive payment automatically you must signup using your Paypal account.  If you wish to use a different paypal account or recieve money via direct debit please send an email to after you complete your signup. 

Already an Affiliate? 

Please visit the My Account section of our website and click on the affiliate statistics link at the bottom of the page.