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Using your mobile or tablet overseas can be either a very costly or frustrating experience.  This is usually due to the extremely high cost of global roaming or the issues faced with researching and purchasing SIM cards in a foreign country. 

Since Mobi Passport was established in 2011 we have steadily grown the range and number of SIM cards we sell along with our expertise and experience in helping our customers get connected while travelling overseas.  We are now one of the largest providers of overseas SIM cards in Australia and are able to leverage our experience to ensure using your mobile overseas is cheap and easy.  
The following are some of the reasons why you might benefit from our service:


Simple and Easy to use

We have chosen the best SIMs for each country based on factors such as coverage, phone compatibility & price.  We also include detailed instructions to make using the SIM easy.


Local Number and Rates

We stock Australia‚Äôs largest range of foreign local SIM cards.  Enjoy the same call and data rates the locals use along with a local mobile phone number the country you are visiting.



Order online and have the SIM delivered to you before you depart.  Avoid the hassle of dealing with overseas mobile providers who may not speak your language or act in your best interest.


Great Data Plans

All of our SIMs have data plans of at least 1GB, so now you can use email, Facebook and surf the Internet as much as you like.  If you have a laptop or tablet, then check out our global data SIM which has 500MB of data per day.


Buy from the Experts

We provide foreign SIM cards for people travelling overseas and nothing else.  Buy from an independent specialist with the knowledge and experience to ensure you have a trouble free experience.


Chat with family and friends

Many of our local SIMs have low cost or free calls and SMS between phones on the same network.  Buy one for family or friends you are travelling with so you can stay in touch while out and about.


Avoid Bill Shock

All our SIMs use prepaid plans which means you are in control of your spend.  Never again come home to a phone bill that cost more than your holiday.


Unrivalled Support

With over 1000 SIMs sold we have probably heard it before.  If you have any trouble before or after you depart, just send us an email and we will do everything we can to help you out.


SIM sizes for all phones & tablets

We stock all SIMs in standard (mini) size and can professionally cut to Micro or Nano size as required.


Proudly Australian

Mobi Passport Australia was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2011 and is a registered Australian business serving Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific region.